Will Toyota Take Over Corvette Brand?

Written by tonks on November 19, 2008

This year is a year for change and we aren’t just referring to the historical election. The gas prices soared to their highest and then in a dramatic turn they dropped just as quickly reaching below $2 (much to everyone’s surprise). But the economy is still suffering and even the three largest automakers Ford, Chevy, and General Motors are feeling the effects. So much so that they are asking for a bailout from the American government and looking at ways to consolidate and rid themselves of cars that are not generating any profit for them.

None of us want to see GM shut down its doors and say farewell to the many great cars that they have produced. But we have to admit that for many years now they have been suffering due not only to the economy but also poor management. But again we can’t deny that there have been some great cars to roll out of their garage from time to time. One of the most famous being the Corvette.

The Corvette has become an icon to Americans and has been able to provide many consumers a chance to experience world class performance for an affordable price. So now people are asking themselves what will happen to the Corvette if GM were to fold?

We aren’t the only ones thinking about this. Many forum members that GM Inside are discussing this very topic and have come up with a few ideas. One of the more popular being that Toyota could take over the brand. We admit that it is an interesting idea – but one that we don’t think would help to improve the brand. As much as we appreciate Toyota we feel that their expertise does not lie with this very iconic and well deserved sports car. Do you think Toyota is a good choice or is there someone more worthy to take over?

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Reader Comments

C’mon. Even the TT Supra was only offered in a six. Toyota has the V8 Tundra but only produced it to reap the benefits of the cheap-oil era. The American Vette in Toyota’s hands would only be a Japanese knock-off of itself. Sure, it will be more reliable, but it would then be another Japanese car.
Hey, I wonder if Steve Saleen might take it?

Written By MrNoGoodWrench on November 20th, 2008 @ 2:01 pm

Better dead than jap junk! From a 30 year Corvette owner.

Written By Fred on June 1st, 2009 @ 1:48 pm

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