W3 Triposto Supercar

Written by tonks on January 9, 2009

W3 TripostoThis is definitely one of the oddest supercars that we have seen in awhile. It is very futuristic and something that we could see ourselves in. Of course if you are going to have it be prepared to have many stares from bystanders in awe of the car.

The W3 Triposto was created by Clyde Kwok – a Canadian engineer – and his son Hugh – a race car driver. The two created a company called the Wingho Auto where they have built the Triposto out of a Porsche 911. Can you see the resemblance?

The father and son team love the early 911s from the early 1990’s and were able to modify the 3.6 liter that helped to W3 Triposto Supercarpush out 300 horsepower. However, the two admitted that they can work with the modern models. This three-seater supercar – in which the driver will sit in the middle – has the ability to reach 187 mph top speed.

If you love this newest supercar you can have it for the price of $250,000. If you want the full out turnkey model you will have to pay $300,000. Just keep in mind that this price does not include the price of the donor car (Porsche 911).

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