Volkswagen W12 Concept

Written by tonks on June 29, 2008

The Volkswagen W12 concept is equipped with a six-litre 12-cylinder engine that is mid-mounted and weighs 1,200 Kilo. It develops a maximum torque of 620 Newton metres at only 5,800 rpm and has a top speed of over 350 km/h and an acceleration speed of less than 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h.

This design study, which is systematically oriented towards top performance and high levels of driving dynamics, is the third phase of evolution of two W12 concept cars which preceded it. This sports car project is now, with its W12 engine inspired by the world of motor sports, entering the decisive phase of production development.

The basic layout of the W12 engine is made up of two very thin V6 four-valve modules which are configured at an angle of 72 degrees with a joint crankshaft with seven main bearings to make up a V-V arrangement, i.e. a “W”. The cylinder angle is just 15 degrees Within the two V6 banks. This makes the construction, which is very compact in comparison to V12 engines, possible.

All other construction details of the W12 engine, which has a compression ratio of 12:1, are also indications of an extremely high-tech assembly: the spark plugs are positioned centrally in the pent-roof combustion chamber, making optimal combustion possible; the same applies for the flow-optimised intake ports. A double-flow magnesium variable intake manifold supports the particularly dynamic torque curve. The variable intake and exhaust valve timing has a decisive influence on power development: the inlet camshafts can be continually adjusted through 52 degrees and the corresponding value for the exhaust camshaft is 22 degrees.

The enormous power of the engine is transferred to the rear axle via a sequential and thus very fast shifting six-speed gearbox located behind the engine. This is very favourable for a classic sports car layout. The contact to the road is made via specially developed 19″ magnesium wheels with 255/35 ZR front tyres and 275/40 ZR rear tyres.

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