Video Of New ZR1 Corvette

Written by tonks on September 28, 2007

2009 ZR1 CorvetteA video of the brand new 2009 Corvette ZR-1 has hit the web and we are eager to show it off. We still haven’t identified exactly what Corvette it is, but we are crossing our fingers and hoping that we are looking at the new 2009 Corvette ZR-1 or as some call it the ‘Blue Devil’. And hopefully that means we will be seeing it up close and personal soon. As many of you remember we explained that this baby will be the fastest supercar on the road, being able to punch it to a whopping 200 mph.

This beauty is powered by the show stopping, incredibly fast 6.2L, supercharged V8 engine. Don’t be worried if the weight of the car will slow it down because GM was smart enough to utilize carbon fiber and to make a polycarbonate opening in the hood, making it lighter than the Z06. The V-8 has the power to push out 600-650 horsepower by using an integrated intake manifold intercooler. This allows the car to go from 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds.

The ZR-1 will go into production in July of 2008 making it ready for the 2009 model year. The price is said to be around $100,000, which means that not many of us will actually get a chance to own one of these, but there is always a chance to get that test drive in.

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Reader Comments

this car has no balls

Written By matt on October 3rd, 2007 @ 1:45 pm

i have alwes been a fan of the corvette. i think that they are doing a good job on making the car and the styling is getting better every year

Written By Eric on October 3rd, 2007 @ 1:50 pm

The makers of this car exposed their true motives when they said “the viper cannot remain the fastest american supercar.” Is that the purpose of the corvette today? Simply to beat a viper? I am not impressed.

Written By john on October 20th, 2007 @ 5:18 pm

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