Unique Lamborghini Embolado Concept

Written by tonks on October 11, 2007

Lamborghini Embolado ConceptLamborghini has made some amazing vehicles, but we all have to admit that this new concept is truly unique. The funny thing is the designers at Lamborghini weren’t the brilliant ones to come up with it. It seems that a design student has the imagination that most automakers are looking for. They have taken the brilliance of Lamborghini to a whole new level.

The Embolado was penned by the same design student, Luca Serafini, that created one of the niftier not-endorsed-by-Ferrari Dino concepts. Embolado means, “bull in balls,” which apparently has something to do with sticking flaming balls on the end of bulls’ horns and letting them run wild in the streets.

So it may not be the traditional Lamborghini, but the design isn’t horrible (though some people would disagree). Most of us are hoping that Lamborghini will take the design to heart and maybe build a test model to see how it really looks in person. Than we’ll know for sure if it can embody the true meaning of what it is to be a Lamborghini.

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this should be done by lambo ASAP!!! it should be the next gen. gallardo. garaunteed to sell even with bad economy

Written By peeqtee on March 30th, 2009 @ 6:33 pm

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