TVR Typhoon Makes A Comeback

Written by tonks on January 15, 2007

TVR TyphoonPiston heads reports that TVR are set to bring out a brand new supercar. For those in the know, you might be asking yourself, “Wasn’t TVR on the brink of closure? Having been sold of to some Russian Billioner?”

Obviously, the new Russian owner is a little hesitant to give up on TVR and the new Supercar, named Typhoon, is set to go on display at the Geneva motor show next year. The TVR Typhoon, will come with TVR’s all-aluminium Speed Six engine, thats already a goot 400bhp, but if TVR is going to survive, 400bhps isn’t nearly enough, so why not supercharge it and get 600bhp?

And thats what TVR have done. In order to actually stay in business, this car is going to cost a lot, around $300,000 AUD. There are no official photos of the TVR, the photo in this article is what many suggest the new Typhoon will look like, but we are sure to expect the Typhoon to look like a TVR should, angry, aggressive and bold enough to make your mum cringe.

So who would buy this car? According to TVR, they have already taken numerous orders for the new beast. Initial plans were to sell 60 cars to celebrate TVRs 60th birthday, but they might sell more.

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