Trident Iceni

Written by tonks on August 21, 2008

Trident IceniMany people feel that the new Iceni sportscar from Trident is too good to be true. Trident stated that the new grand tourer can top 200mph with a 550bhp turbo enhanced that allows it to rev from 0- 60mph in four seconds.

They went on to say that it can return close to 100mpg for 2000 mile range on a full tank of gas. Of course we saved the best for last. The fuel that it runs on is biodiesel.

Now the Iceni has yet to go into production and after dropping £2.3million into the company, Trident’s founders are looking for financial backing to finally push the Iceni into production. Which means the Iceni’s £75,000 asking price will funds further development of the car, primarily because Trident’s requests for government funding have been met with silence.

According to Trident Boss Phil Bevan, the company already has 500 interested parties in the car. And we have to admit, a big diesel-powered GT with excellent economy and range isn’t without appeal. Bevan claims his figures are entirely realistic. “At 70mph, the engine is turning over at just 980rpm and in a mix of urban, A-road and motorway driving 85mpg is easily achievable,” he explains.

The Iceni is powered by an Isuzu-made 6.6-litre V8 lifted from one of GM’s commercial trucks. Breathed on by a variable vane turbo, it’s good for 550bhp at a lazy 3800rpm and a massive 950lb ft of torque at 1800rpm. The engine drives the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox – essentially a Trident-developed four-speed box – with an overdrive for each gear.

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