Toyota Hybrid X Concept

Written by M.West on March 23, 2007

Toyota Hybrid X ConceptToyota plans to build a completely recyclable zero-emissions car. This seems like a rather heavty goal. Though Toyota’s recent history of successful hybrid technology has set them on pase to achieve such goals.

Hybrids will probably never be zero emission cars but they’re an important step. And with many hybrids in Toyota’s inventory, makes them the acknowledged leader in this area. Its plans are keenly scrutinized by rivals and customers alike, so the world debut of the Hybrid X concept was one of the Geneva show events generating plenty of talk around the globe.

Hybrid X is a vision of the family car of the future. It’s a one-box design with an all-glass roof but boxed-in luggage area. The roof glass frames, viewed from above, resemble an X, hence the name. The interior is marked by ultrathin seats and flat load floor; the rear seats swivel by up to 12 degrees so passengers can enjoy looking out more comfortably.

It’s light, airy and open with great all round visibility. The car has a smooth profile devoid of protruding shapes (even door handles are flush), which aids efficiency. “Intelligent” LED headlights incorporate tiny screens that are able to communicate messages to pedestrians and other drivers.

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