Suzuki ‘X-HEAD’

Written by tonks on November 2, 2007

Suzuki X-HEAD ConceptThe 2007 Tokyo Auto Show was full of unusual car concepts and if you haven’t noticed we’ve been showing them off to everyone just to show how unique they all are. Some of them may not be classified as Supercars – but when it comes to looking cool they bring home the prize. The Suzuki ‘X-Head’ concept is no different.

We were able to get this press release about the inspiration of the vehicle:
“The naming, “X-HEAD” adjusting to the life style and sense of value of the person who rides, has meant the possibility this car which corresponds to various uses becoming unknown. Being possible to combine the carrier unit which is adjusted to life style 2 adults sleeps and can stay ” the camper ” and in the town coolly to ride it handles, ” fashion ” and so on, the person who rides ” you play and stimulate heart and curiosity “.

“X-HEAD” is ” the cross utility vehicle ” of the new genre which brings the various values which until recently are not. It has high running the whole distance characteristic, the “gym knee”, “the escudo”, it has high loading characteristic, DNA “of [kiyarii]” was succeeded, functional hopefulness was had.”

The ‘X-HEAD’ looks like a mix between a truck and a hummer. It is definitely looks like something the Japenese would ride in. Those of you who have never been to Japan are not aware that all of their cars look like miniatures – especially the larger ones. Whether this one will make it to the U.S. has not been decided. It would definitely be different if it did.

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