SSC Aero

Written by mdvaldosta on October 5, 2006

SSC AeroTucked away in a corner of the OC Auto Show Underground, where tuners come out to play, we found an SSC Aero. Sitting amidst a Novitec Ferrari F430, a Superformance LeMans Coupe, a Mosler that still had Bullrun stickers on it, the SSC nonetheless managed to stand out. The car is still a bit of an enigma, but promises to be one of the world’s fastest cars once it gets into the hands of testers.

This is another one of those worlds’-fastest-car contenders that has yet to prove its claims, but on paper it should be up to the challenge. With a Corvette-based 6.2 liter, turbocharged V-8 producing over 1,000 hp, 250 sounds like a breeze. The curb weight is about the same as the Koenigsegg CCX at 2,640 pounds, so the extra 200 hp should make it a bit quicker too.

Seems like another lightweight, high horsepower claim for supercar status. What exactly makes a supercar anyways? High performance, or high performance plus a high pricetag? This car shoots for both, and it can be yours for a cool $650k.

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