Opel May Close Down Plant

Written by tonks on February 6, 2007

Opel LogoGeneral Motors stated that it might have to close an Opel plant in Europe when it launches its next generation of Astra cars. “With respect to any individual plant ‘being at risk’, as stated in various media reports, it is highly speculative to draw that conclusion today,” GM Europe said in a statement. The Financial Times quoted Opel head Hans Demant as saying one of its main plants might have to go and that GM should have cut more jobs when it got rid of 12,000 workers in the region.

Opel is GM’s largest brand in Europe. Demant was quoted as saying the replacement for the Astra model, now built at four factories including Ellesmere Port in Britain and Bochum in Germany, may need fewer facilities, possibly leading to the closure of one of the sites. The GM statement said the current Astra was a market success, and the latest variant, the Astra Twin Top, was scheduled to go on sale this month.

“The company feels it is inappropriate to speculate on where the next generation Astra will be produced, a vehicle that will not go into production until the end of the decade,” it said, although it said GM had to keep improving productivity.

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