Noble M15 Upgraded

Written by tonks on January 3, 2007

Noble M15Noble is planning a newer, faster version of the 455bhp M15, with the help of a new, investor, even before the M15 has been released to consumers. Details are not well known at this time. Noble spokesman Peter Boutwood said: “The time we have had with the Noble M15 prototype has enabled us to do some further research and development. During the course of this positive and informative R&D we have found some significant improvements which we are implementing to the production M15.

“The car will look visually almost identical to the press prototype. Obviously we could have continued with the production of the original M15 and released the uprated version at a later date. This we felt would be both counter productive and unfair to our current customers awaiting delivery of the M15.” Boutwood confirmed that the car would based on the M15 chassis and outline, but that it would have more power with other components such as suspension and brakes uprated to match. It will remain a road car, not a track-only tool.

Boutwood couldn’t say whether the engine would be new or if the existing three-litre V6 would be tweaked to suit. However, while he refused to rule out the possibility that Noble might at some point design its own engine, he also said that early prototypes of the uprated M15 were planned to be up and running early in 2007 too soon to produce and build a new engine.

The news came out as a result of company owner Lee Noble issuing a rather cryptic note to the Noble Owners Club as follows: “As enthusiastic and loyal Noble owners I wanted you all to be one of the first to know that there have been some exciting and positive changes within the business structure of Noble Automotive.

“For some time now I have been working towards assuring the continued financial security that would enable me to further develop the Noble brand. I am very happy to announce that I have now, with immediate effect, successfully teamed with a dedicated owner who shares my commitment, passion and vision for the future of Noble cars and their continued production and development. “We are now in the best place we have ever been…the world’s best affordable supercar is about to get even better.”

Boutwood also couldn’t say who the new investor was he wants to remain private, but the amount involved would appear to be above £1 million. The investor is not a PHer, according to Boutwood. According to an interview with Car magazine (see link below), Lee Noble said that the new backer replaces David Jones, chairman of high street fashion chain Next. “He’s gone and it’s a good thing too”, said Noble.

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