Mercedes Silver Flow Concept: Car Of The Future

Written by tonks on October 12, 2007

Mercedes Silver Flow ConceptThis is the age of imagination and creating things that are not only futuristic, but also unique (not that that is always a good thing). With all these creative concepts popping up you can’t help but wonder where people come up with this stuff. While some of it looks like something worth buying others, like this Mercedes Silver Flow concept, just make us wonder why we would even think about getting a car like this.

But than this isn’t something that is meant to be auctioned off as a design to automakers, but rather a depiction of what could happen in the future if automakers were to mix artificial intelligence (A.I.) with top brand cars. The designers are predicting how the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence will integrate into the automobile to make life safer, more convenient and more attractive to consumers 50 years from now.

Known as the Silver Flow, this concept will be able to completely rearrange itself through the use of micro-metallic particles, controlled by magnetic fields. So in addition to being able to deal with damage to the vehicle with absolute ease, the Silver Flow could turn into a space-saving pool of metal whenever storage space is at a premium.

With the SilverFlow’s magnetic assembler just a touch of the key fob away, owners will have the option to create whatever vehicle they desire, or whatever best fits their needs that day. Of course all of the pre-programmed modes will be based on M-B Grand Prix cars from the golden age of motorsports, perfect for reliving your favorite Stirling Moss fantasies.

“Much how the Transformers toys and the more recent Transformers movie have captivated millions of imaginations, the question of how artificial intelligence will evolve in the service of humanity is a topic of almost universal fascination,” said Chuck Pelly, director of Design Los Angeles and partner in The Design Academy, Inc.

While the look of it isn’t appealing it is still a great idea that we can make it look like whatever we want. Imagine if we didn’t have to worry about buying just an SUV or just a coupe? Life would be so much simpler!

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