K.I.T.T The Knight Rider

Written by tonks on December 10, 2006

K.I.T.T.The unbeleivable star of the 1980′s TV series Knight Rider is a car with personality. K.I.T.T., which is short for Knight Industries Two Thousand, is a computer with artificial intelligence fitted into a Pontiac Trans Am that’s so heavily modified it is like the Superman of cars.

This vehicle responds to verbal commands, not just by doing what it’s told, but by talking back. Sarcastic and superior, this reluctant hero bickers with driver Michael Knight over his fearless plans, urging more caution, usually to no avail. But the loyal car never hesitates to break Knight out of jail when necessary.

K.I.T.T. is programmed to care for his crusader-owner, who drives him around the country to take on powerful villains. They work for the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG), which designed the car to be the ultimate crime-fighting machine. For the most part, the vehicle prevails without suffering even a dent; its body is virtually indestructible because it is coated with a classified “molecular-bonded” compound.

The series initially uses a souped-up 1982 Pontiac Trans Am for K.I.T.T., bringing in other models as the seasons progressed. K.I.T.T. also gets updated regularly with additional supercar features.

Some of the favorite episodes for fans are the ones with K.A.R.R., an earlier version of K.I.T.T. that went haywire, and Goliath, a K.I.T.T.-like semi. Barris recalls the engineering behind one of K.I.T.T.’s pursuit cars as “one of the most difficult.”

“It had to simulate speeds of over 150 miles an hour. And to get that vision, we had to put things on the car that could have possibly made that car fly. Then when it got into the air and it got back down to the ground at a 150 mph, how do you make it stop?”

A frequently used feature of K.I.T.T. is its high-performance turbo boost, which enables extraordinary speed (faster than a speeding bullet) and incredible jumps (leaps over tractor-trailers and even rivers, in a single bound).

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