Jaguar XJ

Written by tonks on November 21, 2006

Jaguar XJOne of such discoveries is the latest model of Jaguar XJ. This product represents an astonishing blend of rare craftsmanship and technology. Here is a craft that carves around itself a unique class thus keeping car enthusiasts craving to attain ownership. The exterior is simply hypnotizing as it commands such an aura of leadership in the assembly of super cars, that other cars naturally make obeisance. Consider for instance its intimidating cruise on a well laid drive way. Casual beholders see it as an expression of clear distinction between the haves and the have nots.

But the user reaps a taste of the bliss of paradise. Providing this perfect feature is the energized wheel base which has been deliberately fashioned with the ability to cope with multifarious challenges of road and weather variations. The mark II brand brought with it an unbeatable image in style, fashion and mechanical strength. The emergence of XJ model has however given birth to a dramatic turnaround in the fame of the automobile.

For instance, the massive improvement brought into the structural strength of the chassis will definitely win the heart of far greater number of prospects than its older model. One of the most interesting features of this luxury automobile is the rare agility and compactness of its engine. A high level of ingenuity was conjured in coming up with the craft. A component that keeps it on the move even in the toughest of weather and the roughest of roads.

Talking about the ignition, a friendly touch is all it needs to keep the engine system fully alive and extra sensitive. Although earlier models of Jaguar had been noted for fine ignition system, XJ’s ignition goes the extra mile by proffering ample delight to its user. The clutch system produces a pack of comfort to the driver.

Not only is it extra responsive but also minimizes the energy exertion and stress of the driver. The exhaust on the other hand copes effectively with the heat generated and the resultant Carbon monoxide is seriously minimized.

The fuel efficiency of Jaguar XJ cannot be overlooked especially in comparison with mark II model. Although the speed and the attendant noise can be quite terrific, the joy in this is that it is commensurate with the bidding and pressure rendered by the accelerator.

The interior of Jaguar XJ offers an entirely different dimension in style and comfort.The occupants are simply assisted to forget their worries and stress of the workplace and other forms of unfriendly encounters.

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