‘Health Warnings’ On Car Ads Could Hurt Supercar Sales

Written by tonks on June 10, 2008

Health Warning For Car AdsThese days it seems that anything you purchase comes with a warning label. Even the food you prepare warns you not to touch it because it can be too hot (because we didn’t know that!). Cars seemed to be the only things that didn’t come with a warning label – but that may change soon.

The European Union is currently drafting up rules and regulations that will go up for review by the College of Commissioners. The draft calls for the inclusion of carbon emission as well as fuel consumption to advertisements on every type of vehicle.

It is suspected that the legislation follows a previously published report that suggests 20 percent of every automobile ad should address environmental concerns. Arguments against the proposition claim that it will lead to lost revenue from decreased advertising by automakers who don’t want to publicize how dirty their cars are or how much of a gas guzzler they really are.

Could many of the supercar automakers be in trouble and face certain problems if the new regulation is enforced? While we are sure there are some people who will be shocked to know the true facts about the top supercars and how much gas they consume and emissions they release. However, most of the people who are want one are going to buy one despite these facts.

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