Gumpert Apollo Has Problems On ‘Bumpy’ Roads

Written by tonks on July 27, 2008

Gumpert ApolloWe are excited to discover that the first Gumpert Apollo has come over to the U.S. in order to dazzle us during its debut on Saturday. Automakers were hoping to catch the eye of enthusiasts all across the board and they didn’t fail.

In fact I think it made more of a spectacle then it was hoping for. The ground clearance on the Apollo is only 4 millimeters and as we all know the parking lots in the U.S. are riddled with annoying speed bumps. Have you figured out what happened yet?

The driver of the car had just recently purchased his new prize and was so taken up in the splendor of it that he didn’t see the speed bump in his path. The speed bump was close to half the height of the supercar. Needless to say the driver was able to get the front air dam over the bump before he got stuck.

Naturally everyone’s eyes were on the man in the sleek car and they watched as the car grinded and worked hard to make its way over the elusive bump. As the carbon undertray was polished along its midsection, it became apparent that the rear tires might not make it over too.

The driver stopped as the rears lifted just enough to take away traction. He had his passenger exit the car in order to make it light enough for the suspension to lift the car and get it over. Lucky for him it worked.

Sources tell us that the supercar was not damaged (phew!)

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