Glimpse At The Aspira F620

Written by tonks on October 4, 2009

Aspira F620The world might seem like it is having troubles with hurricanes, tidal waves, and the economic downturn – but that doesn’t stop the supercars from rolling out. The United States might be running a little behind in this area – but a company in the UK has created something new that we have all been dying to hear about – the Aspira F620.

Though we have heard some vague rumors concerning this new supercar we have yet to see evidence of it. That is until now! This new model has been spotted by the people at PistonHeads.

According to our sources it will be powered by GM’s 6.2 liter LS3 V8 engine that has been upgraded with some new canshafts. All of this allows it to push out a total of 538 horsepower. This engine will send that power on to the six speed Graziano gearbox giving it a top speed of 209 mph.

The whole design of the Aspira F620 has been based upon the kit car platform that was created by the U.S. Race Car Replicas. Based on the glimpse that we got it has a sleek front end and is working the black color nicely. They have plans to make at least ten cars each year selling them at £110,000 for each.

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Reader Comments

Beautiful vehicle for 10 lucky people a year.

Written By Jon Hantsbarger on October 12th, 2009 @ 10:34 am

Just out of curiosity, where did they stick the extra camshafts?

Written By Cheap used cars on October 20th, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

Actually, this thing just looks like an Ultima GTR with a different clamshell and more venting on the back-end.

Written By Own used cars on January 3rd, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

Whom ever wrote this article should have done a bit more research . The US is far from being behind in this area……THIS car is actually a modified SLC produced by RCR in Clinton Twp Michigan . Also the name and logo for this automobile was registered quite a while ago in Boston Mass by Billy Mead who created the idea of an Aspira. This car called the Aspira is a TOTAL ripoff of someone elses ideas. This UK ripoff artist only redesigned the rear of the vehicle which now looks terrible. Poor job of ripping off others ideas. Oh by the way RCR has reported that they will not be selling anymore kits to this hack. GOOD LUCK ON BUILDING 10 MORE!!!!

Written By Mike on February 4th, 2010 @ 6:17 pm

i think Mike should have done the research.
the SLC “kit” form is undeveloped and non yet are road legal. It certainly isnt UK compliant and nothing has been built. It has been made on a budget by RCR and the Aspira only uses some of the chassis, front section and mid. The other parts are all developed in the UK by Aspira UK

The only part you are correct in is the someones “ideas” as that is what the SLC is at the moment

It will be great to see a finished SLC and RCr should be ashamed to try to sell a “dream” and hurry up and finish a car.. if they ever can.
We await photos and hope the chassis cracking of the SLC is reported back to kit builders as the Aspira has done extensive testing.

Written By MrPink on February 8th, 2010 @ 9:28 am

What a awesome car in look though i have not tested it so can’t tell anything about performance.

Written By scarp car on February 11th, 2010 @ 3:03 am

if the company agrees to produce 11 units, then i would be the 11th buyer….by the way, it’s really a nice car

Written By Amit Ahuja on May 20th, 2010 @ 9:46 am

Great looking car, though unlikely to see it on the street with one of the smallest production runs.

Written By SuperCar Trader on June 20th, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

Superb race car. I like the design and the speed of this vehicle. These race cars simply drive me crazy.

Written By Used pickup trucks on July 12th, 2010 @ 6:28 am

There will be thousands that will be eying on these 10 exotic productions! Awesome stuff…

Written By Bolt-on lambo doors on August 3rd, 2010 @ 4:35 am

This super car has a resemblance to Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, for sure many car lovers will check on this one. I think review of the car testing will also do good.

Written By Japan Used Cars Trader on December 15th, 2010 @ 12:00 am

Ok, didn’t want to tell, but you made me – I was among that Lucky Ten to own Aspira, but when I saw there is no iPod dock in it, I passed. :-)

Written By Carid on December 17th, 2010 @ 8:19 am

i love your post is amazing also like and share this post in my facbook

Written By vigoasia on April 17th, 2017 @ 11:42 pm

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