Ferrari To Cut CO2 Emissions

Written by tonks on July 4, 2008

Ferrari FXXIt is expected that many of the mainstream automakers would change and improve upon their vehicles so that they are able to make them more efficient. However, many of the higher-end automakers like Lamborghini and Porsche had stated that making changes for this reason would drastically effect their cars and would in fact make the value of their products decrease in value and prestige.

Ferrari is the only one who does not feel this way. They stated that they will be cutting close to 40% of their emissions by 2012. They will do this by improving the efficiency of the current power trains that they use, adding new engines (which include a turbocharged V6), and even creating a hybrid that will use Ferrari’s Kinetic Energy Recycling System on its F1 cars.

Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo told a German newspaper that the hybrid Ferrari would be available around 2015. It would be hard for any exotic automaker to make a hybrid into something that is efficient, fast, exotic, and has the luxury that we love from a supercar. Ferrari is confident that they are the ones to accomplish this.

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