Ferrari F40

Written by tonks on December 13, 2006

Ferrari F40Rated by most consumers as the greatest Supercar of them all, the Ferrari F40 was the last car commissioned by the late Enzo Ferrari, to celebrate 40 years of production at Maranello.

Following on from the 288 GTO Evoluziones, the F40 took the concept of a powerful engine in a lightweight body a stage further. With a power to weight ratio of over 400bhp/ton the F40 set new standards of performance eclipsing even the Porsche 959 with its 200mph top speed and brutal acceleration.

The price of an F40 reached over half a million pounds during the boom of the late 80′s and even now is still about the same as its new price when it launched. This just goes to show the demand that still exists for this most desirable of Ferraris.

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