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Written by tonks on January 23, 2007

Road RazerThe RoadRazer is a car fulfilling one purpose only, extreme performance. The main criteria’s for realizing stunning performance has been low weight, low center of gravity and effective aerodynamics. Extensive use of carbon fiber (just like a formula 1 car) and lightweight metals has been the key to weight savings without sacrificing safety. With a dry weight of only 300 kg you will be sure to find acceleration, cornering capabilities and braking performance second to none.

The RoadRazer is powered by a dry-sump converted Suzuki Hayabusa engine. The engine delivers app. 175 hp. A six speed sequential gearbox is activated by steering wheel mounted paddles. Use of the clutch is only needed on downshifts. In order to make sure that the power is effectively transmitted to the road a ’torque sensing’ differential is fitted. All wheels are 7″ x 17″ lightweight OZ superleggera (shoot peened for extra strength and weight saving). Tyres are Yokohama ADVAN 215/50-17.

The central part of the RoadRazer is the monocoque. The monocoque is made from a sandwich of carbon/aluminium honeycomb/carbon. Galvanic isolation between carbon and aluminium is fitted to prevent corrosion. The monocoque delivers extreme torsional stiffness as well as a safety cell for driver and passenger. Replaceable nose cone, side pods as well as the engine cover will absorb energy during a crash. Roll over protection is fitted under the engine cover.

The overall shape of the RoadRazer emphasizes on reliable negative lift, mainly generated by the shape of the side pods. The raised nose is not only implemented for aerodynamic reasons, the primary reason was to achieve ground clearance for better handling in real life situations like parking etc. In the RoadRazer you can share the driving experience with a passenger. The passenger is situated just behind the driver, with the legs on each side of the driver. The passenger seat is not as comfortable as the drivers seat. Who would want a passenger to stay for a long ride anyway.

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