BRB Evolution Folds In Half For Easier Parking

Written by tonks on July 30, 2008

BRB EvolutionHow many times have we driven around trying to find a parking space that was close to where we wanted to go – but were not able to find a spot that was big enough? I think it’s safe to say we all have this problem. A British designer fixed this when he designed a sports car that has the ability to fold in half.

The new BRB Evolution folds itself by jacking up on its nose with its back wheels sliding underneath. Of course passengers will have to get out of the car before it transforms.

The car will be able to run on either hydrogen fuel or electricity and if things go as planned it will be “sexy, sleek, and mean” according to the designer Daniel Bailey who is only 22 years old. It is inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908. “I figured two of the main problems of future cities would be pollution and over population,” he said.

BRB Evolution Folded In Half

“With more vehicles needing more places to be stored, I came up with the concept of a folding car. The car folds up to 50% of its original size, and uses the negative vertical space, usually disregarded. This potentially doubles the amount of parking spaces.”

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