BMW Releases Teaser Video Of New 3-Series

Written by tonks on November 17, 2008

When it comes to new models and concepts we are always ready for anything that is thrown our way. That is why we jumped at the chance to get a better look at BMW’s newest 3-series line-up. BMW Performance has been hard at work improving on the new model and making it worth of our high standards.

As much as we love to get our hands on the latest model it first has to pass our inspection. Unfortunately we do not have all of the specs or pictures. BMW is only give us a sneak peek into what we can expect through a YouTube video. It is something that many automakers have begun to do in order to inflict torture on all of us enthusiasts in the world.

But at the same time we love the excitement of getting little bits and pieces of the big picture before it is revealed in all its glory (we hope). From this video you can make out a few details. You can see the BMW Performance badge, plastic molding that helps keep it close to the ground, and carbon fiber side mirrors.

If all goes as planned this will be the only teaser we need before it is fully revealed to us sometime during this month. We will make sure to get all of the pictures and specs when it is. But for now enjoy the video!

YouTube Preview Image

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