BMW K 1200 R Sport

Written by tonks on June 15, 2007

BMW K 1200 R SportIf there was ever a time to purchase a motorcycle now would be that time. The brand new BMW K 1200 R Sport is one of the best motorcycles on the road today. Why? Because, unlike most motorcycles, the K 1200 can cover long distances at break neck speeds without even breaking a sweat. Just don’t forget to get that Jacksonville motorcyle accident lawyer in case you go too fast. 

But who would risk losing this bike, right? As the sister model of the K 1200 R, the new K 1200 R Sport features the same drivetrain and suspension technology. With maximum output of 120 kW (163 hp), kerb weight of just 241 kg or 531 lb, and its innovative Duolever and Paralever suspension, the new model offers the highest standard of riding dynamics and performance at all times and under all conditions.

The new K 1200 R Sport is driven by the same engine that ensures supreme riding pleasure on the BMW K 1200 R: Like on the Roadster, the high-performance power unit develops maximum output of 120 kW (163 hp) at 10,250 rpm, with peak torque of 127 Nm (94 lb-ft) at 8,250 rpm. These figures alone clearly underline the supreme acceleration and drive power of the K 1200 R Sport standing out as a sporting multi-talent in every respect.

Over and above these outstanding features, the BMW K 1200 R Sport offers a wide range of talents intentionally not provided on the K 1200 R without a fairing. These include supreme versatility in all kinds of situations, enhanced riding comfort, and even better performance and handling at high speeds. And at the same time the new machine offers all the virtues typical of a Roadster, such as sharp and crisp handling, sporting performance, and a relaxed seating position.

As the latest model in the K-Series, the new BMW K 1200 R Sport boasts the same top-of-the-range technology as its sister models. Specific details of the drivetrain, suspension and running gear, brakes and on-board network are described in detail in the press kit on the K 1200 S and, respectively, K 1200 R. Semi-fairing with integrated headlight mounted firmly on the frame.

Despite its compact and slender dimensions, the fairing on the K 1200 R Sport offers significant safety and protection even at high speeds enhanced greatly over the standard offered on the Roadster with its large windshield. And apart from extra comfort, the engineers at BMW Motorrad have also succeeded in enhancing the motorcycle’s dynamic potential, with the rider benefiting from excellent wind protection above all at high speeds.

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