Aston Martin Rapide

Written by tonks on December 15, 2006

Aston Martin RapideThe Aston Martin Rapide concept is a four-door, high performance coup of extraordinary grace and poise. Based on Aston Martin’s unique VH (Vertical/Horizontal) architecture, the Rapide mixes the company’s commitment to power, beauty and soul with space and practicality for every possibility.

It stands for stylistic excellence, market innovation and flexible manufacturing. The Rapide is the epitome of Aston Martins low-volume, high-technology approach, the synergy of modern methods and materials with traditional skills to create a new form of craftsmanship for the 21st century.

While the Rapide retains Aston Martin’s inherent design characteristics the additional length and extra doors build upon the DB9′s taut, poised stance, generating a natural, even flow and a dynamic sensation that’s conveyed even when the Rapide is standing still. In terms of elegance the Rapide is adding value to the DB9′s undisputed elegance and subtle understatement, says Dr Ulrich Bez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin.

Our cars must look beautiful from all angles, and the four-door is very well balanced. Practicality and power are the Rapide’s signature qualities, but above all it is recognisably an Aston Martin, a testament to the strength of the marque’s design language. The Rapide’s four-door body provides greater access to the extended architecture, making it a performance car for every occasion.

The extruded aluminium construction of the VH architecture can be modified in both length and width, providing a myriad of packaging options, and the chemically-bonded structure (using glues derived from aircraft manufacture) is mated with bodywork that mixes aluminium and composite materials. The architecture?s flexibility is further demonstrated by its use in the DBR9 racing car, where it is combined with carbon-fibre composite body panels to produce a modern race car of rare beauty.

Aston Martins traditional hand-finishing, craft skills and attention to detail operate side by side on the ultra-modern production line at Gaydon in Warwickshire. The VH architecture is at the heart of this manufacturing operation, its modular structure providing such inherent rigidity that it has given the company’s designers and engineers the same levels of freedom as their predecessors, 50 years before.

In todays marketplace, even low volume manufacturers like Aston Martin are governed by strict legislation and the need to balance power, weight distribution, handling and safety. Utilising the VH architecture as the foundation for the new Rapide concept, Aston Martin has illustrated how their current range might be expanded, a four-door coup? that complements the formidable DB9 2+2, DB9 Volante and the compact and muscular Vantage.

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