Aston Martin Has New Plans For DB9 And Vantage

Written by tonks on October 30, 2008

You may notice that when it comes to exotic cars the fewer they are the hotter they sell. Why? Because it makes them more valuable and people want to be known as the lucky one who got their hands on one so they can show it off. For the automaker it helps them to balance out how much they spent on the car and in the end keeps them in business for a long time.

Aston Martin is not usually one to do this – but they seem to be thinking about bringing this strategy to life for 2011 to 2019. During this time we are hoping to see the release of the successor to the Vantage, the Rapide, the DB9, and the Lagonda brand.

The DB9 and Vantage are the two biggest sellers for Aston Martin – but because of the uncertainty of the economy they are not sure if this will hold up in the coming years. They have the option to increase the price of the Vantage from $113,000 to $171,000 and move the DB9 price close to $265,000. They think that if they sell fewer of them they will make more money in the long run.

When it comes to the DB9 many will be happy with the price because it will still be cheaper then a Bentley GT. However, we can only imagine the outrage when it comes to pricing the Vantage. However, they do have another option. They could always replace the two models with a mid-engined sports car.

For now the company is doing ok with the Aston Martin One-77 and is focusing much of their attention on it. Although according to AutoWeek the model is not sold out, “Although Aston has said that it would make a maximum of 77 cars, insiders privately say the market is closer to 25.”

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