Amphibious Aquada Soon To Surface

Written by tonks on October 6, 2007

AquadaRemember watching those movies from the 80’s and listening to them predict how crazy things would be when the year 2007 rolled around. You wouldn’t have to worry about chores around the house because there would be robots for that and there would be flying cars, which means no more traffic. We thought they were crazy and even though we didn’t expect flying cars(it would be nice though)we have to admit we never expected to ever see cars that could travel under water.

Using the latest manufacturing technology, lightweight components and environmentally friendly innovation, members of the Midlands Niche Vehicle Network met in the West Midlands this week to discuss closer collaboration in research and development for the Aquada. It’s powered by a V-6 engine and can go 110 mph on land and about 30 mph in the water. Gibbs Technologies says that while the Aquada might appeal to a broad range of buyers, slick urbanites who reside in the hearts of cities like London and New York will likely be their first buyers.

Network organizer Dr. Viv Stephens said: “The Gibbs Aquada looks like a sports car but is actually amphibious and Richard Branson has used one to cross the English Channel.”

Not only is this car a decent supercar, but it has the looks for one as well. The only downside to this car is that you have to have tons of cash and you have to live near water. So those of you who live inland are out of luck. I guess you’re gonna have to wait longer for that flying car.

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