2009 BMW 7-Series

Written by tonks on August 15, 2007

2009 BMW 7-SeriesBMW has been trying hard to make up for the mistakes they made with the 2006 7-series, a car that many loyal BMW enthusiasts beleived to stray from the true design of the BMW line. Now with the 2009 model coming out soon people are hopeful that this will be the one they will enjoy most of all.

From the waist up, this short-wheelbase 7-series mule presents no surprises. With the 7’s familiar tall windows and, of course, the Hoffmeister kink, the proportions appear not to change at all. The most obvious difference between this conceptual 2009 7 Series and the current version is the shape of the rear end. Forget the old Bangle Butt, as it was so callously called, this 7′s tail section will have a much smoother design that better integrates into the car’s overall lines.

Although the face of the ’09 7 Series does not look dramatically different from that of the ’06 model, it appears that BMW will likely replace the current semi-rectangular headlamps with a more elliptically shaped set. The taillamps also appear to have been altered in keeping with the vehicle’s slimmed-down rear end.

We aren’t exactly sure what changes BMW will make to the engine lineup, other than probable power and efficiency gains for the 750i’s 360-hp, 4.8-liter V-8 and the 760Li’s 438-hp, 6.0-liter V-12 and the possible addition of a U.S.-market diesel or hybrid down the line.

When it comes to the interior of the new 7-series we are clueless. No one has had a sneak peen inside the new vehicle and of course pictures won’t be released for some time now. They only change that will probably be made is the upgraded iDrive, which means we have to get used to it yet again. Rumors are though this iDrive is easier to use.

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