2007 Jagaur XF

Written by tonks on January 10, 2007

2007 Jagaur XFJaguar just delivered the first images and information on the 2008 Jaguar S-Type, but most people won’t even notice anything different from the previous five model years. That’s because Jaguar is replacing the S-Type with an all-new sedan called the XF in early 2008.

There are absolutely no details about the XF available from Jaguar, other than it will replace the S-Type and a vague reference to it resembling the new XK coupe and convertible. The name follows in the footsteps of the XJ and XK. With a release date of spring 2008, we’d expect to see a concept version of the XF relatively soon like at the Detroit auto show in January.

What is new for the 2008 S-Type? Well, the entire lineup gets the wire mesh grille and bumper treatments that appeared on the previous year’s performance-oriented S-Type R. A new assortment of wheels are available, and the front seats have been upgraded. Otherwise you’re looking at the same car as in 2007, with the same engine choices. The 2008 S-Type will go on sale in the first half of 2007. Prices have not yet been announced.

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