2007 eXasis Concept

Written by tonks on February 5, 2007

2007 eXasisWorld premiere at the Geneva Auto Show 2007 for the Company’s 30th Anniversary Is just a clever 3-D projection or maybe a mirage of a four-wheel art object. Some visitors to this year’s Geneva Auto Show (March 8th thru 18th) will ask themselves what it is all about when faced with the new fully transparent Rinspeed creation eXasis. The insect-like body and even the floor pan of the seemingly glass concept car from the renowned Swiss powerhouse for new designs and ideas actually consist of a transparent high-tech plastic with a tinge of pale yellow.

The eXasis has open wheels, a cigar-shaped body with fore and aft tandem seating, and has elements of the legendary Auto Union race cars from the first half of the last century combined with a modern Baja-1000 off-road vehicle. The transparency dematerializes the car to a large extent. Behind the seemingly fading matter the spirit of the eXasis reveals itself.

The ideas, thoughts and imagination that were the basis of its development. For Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht the eXasis symbolizes this development process, a process that takes immaterial spirit and turns it into matter, transforms a mere vision into a concrete car, and in all its transparency the eXasis still seems as if it hadn’t arrived fully yet in the material world.

Definitely part of the material world is the engine of the concept car: A compact and powerful two-cylinder 750-cc engine provides some 150 environmentally friendly horsepower for swift conveyance. Bioethanol that reduces CO2 emissions powers the tiny supercharged engine. With a projected vehicle weight of just 750 kilograms thanks to plastic lightweight construction each horsepower has to account for just five kilograms, on a level with a Porsche.

Altogether these figures give plenty of reasons to expect of loads of driving fun and numerous visionary technologies and innovations from Rinspeed’s eXasis. A very special thrill will be the view through the transparent floor pan, it will be an absolutely unique anniversary ride.

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