2006 RUF Rt 12

Written by tonks on January 9, 2007

2006 Ruf Rt 12In 1987, a Ruf CTR Yellowbird topped 210 mph and took barely 4 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph. Needless to say, Ruf sports cars hasn’t exactly slowed down since. In the metal, it looks much more menacing than it does in pictures. The Ruf-designed front and rear bumpers, lowered suspension and widened rear fenders make the car look ready for takeoff. Air intakes in the rear fenders appear big enough to swallow a seagull. The wild blue hue of this example, and its enormous carbon-fiber rear spoiler, ensure that the Rt 12 is no supercar wallflower.

First impressions of the Rt 12 felt far too intimidating, and that it pushed the limits of Ruf’s claims that its vehicles can be driven every day. Eventually the Rt 12 becomes more comfortable, the racecar edge softens the more you drive it, and the car exudes a tremendous sense of solidity. An everyday supercar? Probably not. Yet Rt 12 owners are undoubtedly lucky enough to have a few more sensible toys in the garage for everyday driving duty.

When you floor the throttle the Rt 12 dances across the pavement. Off-camber curves, broken asphalt and big menacing trees bordering the roads do nothing to stop the car’s momentum or slow H.P.’s progress. Each jab of the gas or brakes has my neck straining under the G-forces. The car’s control is fantastic as the tires scream around the tightest corners.

No, the Rt 12 isn’t perfect: Those side mirrors are useless, the interior is way too ordinary, and that grumbling center diff sounds like it should be baling hay. But the massive acceleration, the undiluted messages from the steering and the overall vaultlike solidity of the Rt 12 make up for these mostly minor flaws. It’s one of the fastest cars on Earth and manages to make other brash and bolder-looking exotic cars suddenly seem very ordinary.

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