2006 Murtaya

Written by tonks on November 17, 2006

2006 MurtayaThe 2006 Murtaya by Adrenaline Motorsports of Cornwall was launched as a kit car this month. With underpinnings from the 1993-2000 Subaru Impreza and featuring AWD powered by a turbo flat four in various states of tune from 150 to 395 bhp this lightweight (between 850 & 925 kg dependent on spec) can easily be encouraged to sprint to 62mph in sub three second times.

The recently launched Adrenaline Motorsport’s Murtaya has just completed a weekend of circuit testing and development at Brands Hatch international circuit in UK. With its turbo-charged Subaru boxer engine barely run in with about 400 miles on the clock, the Murtaya ran hard and fast the whole weekend, putting race tuned Sevens firmly in their place and leaving track tuned Cobra replicas diminishing in its mirrors.

Murtaya features a composite monocoque tub with GRP front clamshell, doors, boot lid and rear bumper. The engine and front suspension bolt onto a spaceframe that is multi pointed to the main tub in areas specially designed to feed the loads into the structure in a controlled manner, while the rear suspension, propshaft centre bearing and gearbox mount directly to the monocoque.

The running gear from the iconic Subaru Impreza vehicle is used in largely unaltered form making for a straightforward build. Talks between Neil Yates of Adrenaline and a prominent US sports car workshop are in their final stages and it could be as early as the New Year that the Murtaya will be available in the US in left hand drive and fully registered form.

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