2006 Lamborghini Miura

Written by tonks on January 19, 2007

2006 MiuraThe 2006 Lamborghini Miura will be the very first Lamborghini car to be created from the design and vision of Walter de’ Silva, the new “Head of Lamborghini Design”. He also has other major responsibilities not only at Lamborghini, but also functioning as “Head of Design” at the Audi Group. This artistic and gifted designer’s vision for the brand new concept was a simple one in creating a retro-stirred appearance, by heralding a callback to one of the automobiles’ world’s exceedingly illustrious icons, the legendary Lamborghini Miura car.

The Lamborghini family, along with the rest of world waited eagerly for the much anticipated revealing of the Lamborghini Miura Concept 2006, which was a present day understanding of the previous models of the Lamborghini Miura. The Miura is currently commemorating its 40th anniversary. The initial Miura was originally envisioned and designed by Marcello Gandini and originally presented to the public at the “1966 Geneva Motor Show” by “Ferruccio Lamborghini” and Nuccio Bertone.

And to this very day the Miura is globally acknowledged as one of the most innovative and stunning cars that was ever envisioned and created. But this new concept Miura 2006 model has been stated by the CEO of Lamborghini as being just “strictly a concept” with no definite date that is set for its construction commencement.

Walter de’ Silva has re-birthed every single defining characteristic of the Miura, while totally staying unconditionally faithful to the real thing. The Concept Miura 2006 preserves the remarkable purity of the prestigious line, and the attributes of the first Miura. The original designer’s novelty has been redefined by filtering the contours and curves and doing away with any unnecessary details, in an attempt to augment the clean, plain lines and give to the flawlessly well-adjusted proportions of the first, so much that passionate aficionados would not be disappointed by any of its features.

Still the subtle touches of modern and fashionable styling have been applied to the dramatic interior, whereas, both the wheels and the lights have also been thoroughly measured to attain a uniquely homogenous model that is both eternal and instantaneously recognizable anywhere by anyone. The interior features itself, seemed to have a satisfactorily incorporated instrument panel, which is controlled by two metal beveled gauges, a speedometer and a tachometer. The middle console has 6 smaller measurement devices that mimic the theme impeccably, and a very important “metal bracketed transmission” burrow that accommodates a conventional “Lamborghini gated shifter”.

It is different in every single way, yet it still retains everything that is essentially the classic. It is immediately identifiable as a Miura, and the concept was met with a generally affectionate response from a characteristically cynical press. The unveiling was an actualization of a dream fulfilled for Lamborghini, and it appears that it was this way for a few of the press as well. Although the execs would only say that it is only a concept car and that there was no preset date for production, the word around is that Automobili Lamborghini may eventually be on the production line then out into the showrooms late next year.

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