2006 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Written by mdvaldosta on May 6, 2006

2006 Ferrari 599 GTB FioranoThis 2006 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is the symbol of Ferrari’s production – the V12 berlinetta – and represents the latest interpretation of a theme that has seen such classics as the 250 GT, the 275 GTB, and the 365 GTB4. 

The Ferrari 599 GTB replaces the last in that great line of berlinettas, the 575M Maranello, of which – together with the 550 Maranello introduced in 1996 – no fewer than 5,700 have been produced, a record for this type of model for the Prancing Horse.  

Ferrari unveiled this front mid-engine GT supercar — the 599 GTB — at the Geneva International Motor Show in late February. As the successor to the sales star 550/575M Maranello (5700 have been sold since 1996; for a small company like Ferrari, that’s a record for this type of car), the 599 GTB has large shoes to fill. Judging by the early specs provided,it will not only fill the Maranello’s shoes, but completely blow them out.

Its 6.0-liter V-12 is derived from the out-of-production 650-bhp Enzo supercar’s powerplant, in this case producing 620 bhp at 7600 rpm. This makes it the most powerful car in Ferrari’s hardly weak lineup, providing considerably more oomph than the 515-bhp 575M Maranello it replaces and the 532-bhp 612 Scaglietti.

The 599′s all-aluminum 2-seat body rides on a shortened version of the 612 Scaglietti’s aluminum chassis. Although Ferrari didn’t provide exact specs, their claimed 2.6 kg per horsepower (or 5.7 lb. per horsepower) equates to an almost-feathery curb weight of just 3534 lb. Compare that figure to the 3815-lb. Maranello and the 4260-lb. Scaglietti, add in the newfound power and a rumored 7-speed F1 gearbox, and you’ll soon see why the new 599 GTB promises to be one of the best-performing GT cars of all time.

Ferrari has adopted the latest evolution in its tried and tested all-aluminium construction technology for the body and chassis. The unmistakable Pininfarina design gives the Ferrari 599 GTB aggressive yet elegant lines which are perfectly integrated with the advanced aerodynamic solutions adopted to reach the performance figures attainable.

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